6 Perfect Places India

6 Perfect Places in India for Your Friend Gang

A holiday with our gang of friends is just what we all dream for. We all plan for holidays with our BFFs which we can cherish as a beautiful memory for lifetime. If you also have something of the sort on your mind then India offers some wonderful places which are perfect to go with your friends. You can plan this most awaited all by yourself or you can hire best travel agents in India and pick the most suitable Holiday Packages in India. You may even visit Globetrouper to meet all kinds of India travel needs.

To make your holiday with your bestie a success, first of all have a quick look at six best holiday destinations in India which are perfect when explored with the best company. So keep the luxury tour operators aside, also keep the best travel agent in Jaipur on hold and just find out which are these places where you can create a history!!!

Best Holiday Destinations to Explore with BFFS

Globetrouper has shortlisted top six holiday destinations that are a much better experience when you go with your bestie!!!

Gangtok, Sikkim


Gangtok, Sikkim


Gangtok tops the list of best places to holiday with your friends for all good reasons.  In addition to its mesmerizing beauty, it also offers duty free goods and alcohol. Yeah!!! You read that right. It is an awesome place for a backpack trip with your gang. You may also go trekking to nearby locations and enjoy shopping in local markets. And just when you get tired, you can super fun at best of clubs, pubs, casinos and cafes. You can even ask the best travel in agents in India to plan a customized trip for you and your pals either in summers or just when you guys are free to go!!

Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir


Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir


If you are a crazy gang looking for adventure then what’s better than Ladakh? Either a road trip or a bike trip, there are various ways to explore this heavenly land. There are various holiday packages in India to this dream destination offered by the best of travel agents in India.  If not a planned trip then you can also go for an instant one to make it probably the best experience with your BFFs. May to August is the ideal time to visit this land of Gods and create awesome memories.

Auli, Uttarakhan




Another wonderful holiday destination on this list is Auli. Maybe not a very commonly known place to holiday but surely worth a visit with your friends. You can have the best of skiing experience on the lofty slopes. A camping trip under the star-lit sky with friends and bonfire is another way to enjoy this place. If you are looking for pure adventure and no commercialization, Auli seems like the best choice. Also known as Valley of Flowers, this place is covered with beautiful vibrant flowers in August and snow in winters. Based on what kind of experience you are looking for, you can plan an amazing trip to Auli.





We all love Goa and we all want to go Goa with our friends. And reasons are quite obvious!!! In addition to the beach experience, enjoying beer with your buddies, partying hard at the best of the pubs and clubs is what makes Goa a popular place to go with friends. If you are looking for a relaxed Goa experience, hire Luxury Tour Operators in India to get you the best resort in South Goa. Furthermore, if you are eyeing a perfect party experience then head to North Goa.

Chail, Himachal Pradesh




You can also plan a trekking or camping trip with your gang to Chail which is located close to Shimla. The pine and deodar forests beautifully surround the famous Chail Palace, known for its amazing architecture. This is a wonderful summer getaway destination with friends. Don’t forget to make it to the highest cricket ground which is a delight for every cricket lover. So if you are in Delhi, an instant trip to Chail is not to miss!!!

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand




How about river-rafting with your gang? Or how about camping on the river side with your best friend and enjoying bonfire? Well, Rishikesh is one destination which is an awesome place to enjoy camping or going for a meditation session. You can have Best Travel Agents in India to have a trip to Rishikesh designed as per your choice. If you just wish to relax then luxury tour operators in India are a great help. For health conscious people, this yoga capital of India is the best place to perform yoga and take some de-tox sessions.

Seems like you have some very good choices of places to explore with your buddies. While planning a trip with your gang, do consider these very much relevant destinations ,that are more fun, more beautiful when you visit with your pals.

So before finalizing any holiday package in India or hiring the best travel agent in Jaipur be clear in your mind what you are looking for. Globetrouper has made an attempt to bring to you the places that promise great times on India travel along with wonderful memories with your dear friends!!!


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