The Best Before-Wedding Party Ideas for Adventurous Brides

For all the beautiful ladies who are soon going to be a bride, here are some tips from the leading travel designers in India, Globetrouper for real adventure.

Arranging bachelorette party is very common now a day, but arranging an adventurous bachelorette party is unique. If your best friend is an adventure loving damsel, you should plan her bachelorette party in different way. Below are the adventurous ideas to make your friend’s last days of single-hood memorable.

Go hiking: Grab on the backpacks and pick the hiking stick. If your friend is an adventure lover and crazy about nature, mountains and valleys, then you all can go in a group to make her singlehood most exciting and thrilled. This is what she wants instead of a party bang at some night club or lounge. You can plan a day hike or stay in the mountain top on tents or just make it more beautiful with hammocks. Have bonfire, play games, sing her favourite songs and have some rum or drinks to keep the party warm. Camping in a jungle after a sweaty hiking is something special to her, so make her feel on the top of the world. This can be the memorable bachelor party, completely different and unique from other normal parties or theme based parties.


Motorbike trip: Women are adventurous and they love to test their limits. Overnight motorbike trip followed by a grand dinner and drinks session for everyone. Leather jackets, knee pads, helmets and rugged denim, ready to go for a great motor ride. So plan out with her fellow biker babes and rest who cannot ride can be the pillion riders. It will be fun for everyone. It will be the most memorable party for your friend who want to be on road rather than dance floor.

Jeep safari: Jeep safari can also be an adventurous farewell to your bride to be friend. Jeep safari can be done to a national park or any forest area where you can enjoy the jeep safari altogether which will be fun and memorable time.


Bungee jumping: All friends can go for bungee jumping which can be an adrenal rush .Sky diving or para gliding are also good options. It is a great way of making special memories for your friend.

Rock climbing: You can plan a trip for rock climbing and rappelling as well. If everyone is trained in this field, you can choose this. Various games can be played like who touches the top first, gets the chance to decide the drinks for night or who reaches the first ledge in minimum seconds, gets the chance to decide the menu. Various prizes can be organized who climbs fastest or makes the base fastest.


Rafting river: River rafting is a type of activity which every female enjoy. Splash of the river fall on the face and body, the flow of ripples and river stream will add fun and extra adventure to the bachelorette.

Horse riding: You can book a luxury guest house where you can enjoy horse riding with your friends. Enjoy the cow-girl experience throughout the day.


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