Chand Baori

Chand Baori StepWell in Rajasthan, India

India has a lot to offer and it strictly depends on our ability how much we can explore in this land of diverse cultures and customs. Chand Baori is just another construction which never fails to amaze us. It is a stepwell located in the Abhaneri village of Rajasthan and is one of the most alluring destinations for tourists. So on your India travel; do have this oldest stepwell included on your list of places see. Therefore, if you are hiring professional Luxury Tour Operator in India, review their holiday packages in India to make sure Chand Baori is on the list.

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But before that know some interesting facts about this stepwell….!!!

Chand Baori: A Glimpse at Architectural Wonder


Chand Baori


As stated above, Chand Baori is the oldest stepwells in India. Constructed in 9th century A.D. by King Chanda of the Nikumbha Dynasty, this is one of the largest stepwells in the world. Situated in the Dausa district of Rajasthan, this stepwell was named after King Chand Raja. Even the Best Travel Agents in Jaipur might miss on this enthralling location. This is because it is a hidden secret of the royal culture; it is not something which every luxury tour operator in India has on its agenda.

While the idea was to construct water conservation well for the villages, it also became a place to conduct community gatherings and to get some relief from scorching summers. The temperature of water at the lowest point was probably 5-6 degrees less. As a result, villagers always had enough water for their needs. At present, this is not typically used as well but has become more of a tourist attraction because of obvious reasons. Managed by Archeological Survey of India, this is probably the most picturesque locations in Rajasthan to visit on your India travel!!!


Chand Baori StepWell


As the name suggests, Stepwells have steps which take you down to the water. Most noteworthy of this architectural beauty are 3500 symmetrically constructed narrow steps forming an impeccable design. Using these steps, you can go down as much as 20 meters to fetch water. Since 9th century, this well of about 64 feet of depth with 13 floors has been a wonderful place to visit on India travel. These numerous steps seem like maze which consequently look more beautiful with effects of light and shadow. The criss-cross pattern of double flights of steps is truly mesmerizing. Almost all the luxury tour operators in India offering best of Holiday Packages in India plan a visit to this place. This is because of its finest geometry which makes it a captivating structure.  The stunning structure with a broader circumference funnels down to a narrow base which forms the base of the stepwell.

With flight of stairs on three sides, the fourth side consequently has been designed into a three-storey pavilion. In addition to Jharokhas (windows), balconies and galleries on the fourth side, the intricate work on the walls and pillars seems like a royal work of art. This place was meant especially for the royal family to sit during community gatherings. Just imagine the sound of the music, the impeccable foot-work of folk dancers and soothing breeze….making it a perfect evening!!!

For sure Chand Baori is very popular with foreign tourists as various movies like The Fall and The Dark Knight Rises have captured the beauty of this place.

Harshat Mata Temple


Harshat Mata Temple


Opposite to Chand Baori stands the popular Harshat Mata Temple. Since 9th-10th century, this temple has been a popular place of worship. This temple is dedicated to Harshat Mata, the goddess of happiness and joy.

How to Reach Chand Baori

Reaching Chand Baori is quite east. As it is located at a convenient distance of 88 kms from Jaipur, Globetrouper can comfortably providing Cab services from Jaipur. By road, it roughly takes 90-100 mins from Jaipur to reach Chand Baori.

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