Christmas 2016 Celebration in Goa by Travel Company in Jaipur, India


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Globetrouper – Christmas 2016 Celebration in Goa

Goa is a well known as the beach destination of India is also known for its biodiversity hotspot. People from different parts of the world visit this place every year to take the pleasure of beaches, scenic landscapes, classic architecture, and place of worship. This state is situated in the Western Ghats range.


There are many people who thinks that Goa is only famous for its tourist attraction, but it is not so. You can also have the taste of mouth watering and delicious dining of the restaurants; you can shop on the streets and malls, going for the dip in the nightlife attraction of the city. It is also very important to know about the historical significance of the city Goa. This city was ruled by the Portuguese for a period of 450 years, which is marked in the position edifices and the culture.  And this is the main reason why visitors, who visit the beaches they find the different atmosphere as, compared to the other parts of the India. If you want to know more about the history of Goa then it is good to visit the wax museum. Other major attractions of Goa are Fort Aguada, Bom Jesus cathedral, and so on.

Christmas 2016 tour to Goa 

Want to make the celebration of Christmas more memorable? Celebrate this festival of Christmas in Goa along with your loved ones. Like in different places of world, 25th December is celebrated in Goa as the confinement of Jesus Christ with customary gaiety and joy.
It is the time when there is huge rush and crush spill over the Church, everyone is waiting for their turn to come. The festival of Christmas is known for exchanging gifts and merry making in Goa. Puddings and cakes are considered as the most demanded product of the celebration.

Before the celebration of Christmas the market places are decorated with buntings and tinsel and most of the people impersonated as Santa stalk regulars, mainly children along with gifts in the big cities of Goa. You can easily observe the glittering and decorated Christmas tree all around the places.
For most of the devotees, the celebration starts on Christmas Eve. There are several churches which organize different kinds of midnight mass during the eve of the Christmas carols are also sung. All the services which are being held on the celebration of Christmas are attended by the Christians dress. After completing the prayers, people gather in their homes to celebrate festival along with their near and dear ones.
People of Goa celebrate the festival of Christmas in European way. Before the commencement of the festival a village group or a family group dressed as Santa and go for taking the funds to celebrate the festival together. These funds are generally used for the preparing the meals for the poor.
Christmas fruit cake is the typical sweet of Goa which is made from wine and dry fruits; this is the recipe which is being borrowed from the West. Apart from this there are wide ranges of local sweets like bebnica, neureos, dodol. These sweets are generally prepared at home and sent to the friends and relatives before a week.


Goa on Christmas: a city with full of liveliness




If you love a sparkling evening full of pubs, merriment, bars, night’s clubs, casinos, and discotheques, then Goa is the best place to go. Nightlife of Goa is amazing, you will surely not able to forget the days spend in Goa. Shores bar situated at Arjuna beach, Temptations and Alcove situated at Vagator beach, Tito’s situated at Baga Beach, Arjuna beach and Ziggy’s situated at Colva beach are considered as the best place to enjoy.


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