Here are the top reasons why Tour to India is must

Every meticulous characteristic of India like historical treasure, romantic backwaters, festivals, diverse landscapes, royal train journeys, abundant wildlife, religion, culture  drive an individual to visit this land again. One must visited colorful country several times, but it still has many new mysteries to unfold. Below are top ten reasons to visit India by the leading travel planners in India, Globetrouper.


1. Diverse Colour

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Gujarat to Assam, a scattering of colors can be seen in every part of the country. Here ‘color’ denotes the diverse landscape, cultures, languages and traditions of the country. The people of the nation may speak different languages in different regions, but they call themselves ‘Indian’ only.

2. Diverse Landscape

India is the place having most diverse landscapes to offer to its visitors. The fairy white Himalayas, backwaters of Kerala, sand dunes of Rajasthan, romantic hills of Eastern India and the tranquil tropical islands are beauty tempting landscapes.

3. Forts & Palaces

Forts and palaces of Rajasthan, Agra, Delhi and other parts of the country are one of the prime attractions and have got international recognition for their outstanding architecture and history replete with legendary tales of valor, romance and chivalry.


4. Train Journeys

Exploring India on board trains has a charisma of its own. Place on Wheels and Maharajas Express provide unforgettable experience to the guests in a real royal manner.

5. Pilgrimages

India is a secular country where every religion and belief are respected. Almighty resides in every corner of this country in different forms and names be it golden temple,ajmer sharif etc.

6. Thrilling Wildlife

The wildlife sanctuaries of India are home to many endangered species on planet earth. Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, Ranthambore National Park, Kanha Tiger Reserve etc are some of the destinations that offer shivering experience of the wildlife.


7. Delicious food

Food pave the way to someone’s heart, this is true in India. The food items may vary from region to region, but all of them are rich in flavour and presentation.

8. Festivals

India is a place where festival is celebrated for every reason. Whether it is the harvesting time of the year or celebrations of victory over dark.Every season of the year bring message of celebration.

9. Ayurveda

 Ayurveda is the ‘science of life’ developed around 5000 years ago in the Vedic period. India holds a great position for Ayurvedic treatments and Yoga. For a rejuvenating vacation experience, plan your next trip to India.


10. Himalayan Adventure

It is the highest mountain rage of the world situated in foothills of Himalaya and Uttranchal.This part of the country is a heaven to adventure enthusiasts. One can also enjoy paragliding, hang gliding, river rafting and skiing in the white fairyland of the Himalayas. There is mesmerizing snow desert Ladakh, the last Shangri La which attracts travellers from all over world.

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