Luxury Holidays in Rajasthan

How to Plan Luxury Holidays in Rajasthan

Planning a luxury holiday in Rajasthan….. Wish to experience the royal reception of Rajasthan….. Well, if that is what is on your mind on your Indian travel, get the luxury tour operators in India to do the job for you. And the best way to indulge in the opulence of the Land of Rajputanas is to hire the Best Travel Agents in India. In fact, is a wonderful place to have all your luxury travel needs catered with perfection. With these professionals, you can have your own holiday packages in India crafted to suit your taste.

Things to Include in Luxury Holiday in Rajasthan

In this post, we bring you everything you need to know about planning a luxury holiday in Rajasthan. So know what elements you need to make it a perfectly royal and very much memorable trip!!!

Start With Picking a Heritage Hotel


Luxuty Hotals


Various forts and palaces that were constructed in the times of Maharajas have not been converted into royal heritage hotels. So first of all, select a heritage hotel. While selecting a lavish place to stay, make sure your selection is an amalgamation of opulence, warm, richness and classy lifestyle of Rajputanas. Live like a Maharaja on your India travel at these finest hotels which also offer entertaining folk music and dance that take you back in time. Let the best travel agent in India know that you are looking for unrivaled luxury to make it the best holiday of your life!!!

You Can Even Try Luxury Camps


Luxury Camps


For the most noteworthy experience, you can even plan a royal stay in the Thar Desert. Try these lavish tents which are equipped with the best of facilities you can imagine. If not same then neither less beautiful carpets, cushions and other furnishings make it an awesome experience. Against the canvas of mystic desert, the vivacious burst of hues makes it a perfect treat for eyes. You can also enjoy a sumptuous meal in the middle of the desert as luxury tour operators in India excel in making the best of arrangements.

Mesmerizing Hot Air Balloon Ride


Hot Air Balloon Ride


Another thing to add to your list is the hot air balloon ride. This is probably the best way to experience the beauty of Rajasthan. Get on to the hot air balloon for a lifetime experience. Going for this amazing ride either for sunset or sunrise is a wonderful option which will add more fun to your luxury travel to this state of Maharajas.

Experience Camel Safari


Camel ride


The places where you can enjoy a camel ride include Jaisalmer, Mandawa and Bikaner. The bumpy ride on the ship of the desert is just another way to enjoy the desert stretch. You can ask the best luxury tour operator in India to make the necessary arrangements for you….. a trek in desert or a fun ride on camel!!!

King-Like Sumptuous Treat


King-Like Sumptuous Treat


In addition to the things mentioned above, also have in your list a royal dining experience added. Don’t miss on the delightful vegetarian and non-vegetarian Rajasthani cuisine which has a strong influence of royalty. Rather ask the best travel agent in Jaipur to have it arranged for you at the best restaurant in the state.

Ride Like a King in Vintage Motor


Vintage Motor


Riding on finest vintage cars has its own charm. Affluent vintage beauties add on to the experience of Rajasthan travel. Take a round of the city on these automobiles to revisit the royal times of Maharajas. While sitting on these cars, you will feel nothing less than a member of royal family.

Heroic Horse Ride


Horse Ride


We have heard stories and seen pictures with royal Rajput warriors riding on the horses and fighting wars. For an almost similar experience, you can enjoy horse riding when in Rajasthan. Get your best travel agent in India to do the job for you so that you can feel nothing less than a Kshatriya on the horse.

Jungle Resorts and Adventurous Safaris


Jungle Resorts and Adventurous Safaris


Finally, one important thing that you must not miss while planning your luxury holiday in Rajasthan is a stay at luxurious jungle resorts. With choices of various national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, you can have the most noteworthy experience. These resorts offer amazing activities for recreation in addition to jungle safaris.

So here is everything that you may ask for your holiday package in India to make it the most luxurious experience on your India travel. Globetrouper ensures that each of these elements are included to make it the best trip of your life. So don’t compromise while hiring the best Luxury Tour Operator in India because when in Rajasthan, you deserve the most splendid experience!!!!


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