Top 10 Foods to Try when in India

Indian food is feast for the taste buds; here one can find variety of foods. The Indian cuisine is as diverse as India itself.

Indian food can be categorized mainly as North Indian and South Indian food. It can be further divided into region sub-groups such as Punjabi, Rajasthani, Sindhi, Guajarati, Chettinad, Bengali, Mughali, Kashmiri and Hyderabadi.

India is a land of festivals and every festival has its own special menu which varies from region to region.

Most Indian dishes are full of spices hence the flavour and the colour. The most common spices and ingredients used are mustard, cumin, curry leaves, green coriander, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and ginger, along with the main ingredients such as the vegetables that go into it.

The leading travel planners in India, Globetrouper providing the details of the must try foods in trip to India

  1. Thali

Thali is a combo of meals which comprises of a sweet dish, two or more curries, dal (lentils), usually steamed rice, pickle, puri/naan/chapatti, papad ,butter milk, one raita, one or more chutneys.

Also depends which thali you prefer – North Indian or south Indian thali.

Thali gives you the taste of variety of dishes in reasonable price.


  1. Dam Aloo

Dish prepared with small baby potatoes which are simmered in the gravy prepared with tomatoes, onions and variety of spices. It goes will with rice or Nan breads.

  1. Stuffed Paratha

Kind of Indian bread which are made of either whole wheat flour or white flour and stuffed with  potatoes, cauliflower, cabbage, paneer (cottage cheese), and any other vegetables.

  1. Paalak Paneer or Sag Paneer

Paalak means spinach and paneer means cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is boiled in salt water added to spinach gravy. The spinach gravy is prepared by blending the slightly boiled palak along with ginger, garlic, green chilli and onion.


  1. Samosa

One of the favourite snacks of every Indian. A deep fried snack prepared by rolling the dough of white flour and then filling it with the mixture made of potatoes, green peas, garam masala, onions, chilli powder, fennel and salt.

  1. Chole Batura

Chole batura can be consumed at anytime. Baturas are deep fried round Indian breads made of white flour. Chole is the side dish prepared with chick peas.

  1. Biryani

Biryani can be vegetarian or non-vegetarian. It is a rice preparation served with raita (yogurt with onions and shredded salad mainly cucumber).


  1. Masala Dosa

It is form of thin pan cake made up of rice and white lentil and served with potatoes, chutney and sambhar.

  1. Rasgola/Gulab Jamoon/Jalebi/ Gajar ka Halwa

There are several deserts in India. Rasgola/Gulab Jamoon/Jalebi/ Gajar ka Halwa are those deserts being liked by everyone.

  1. Chaats

Chaat is king of all dishes. Chaat is not the name of one dish but include a variety of other dishes mainly pani puri, sev puri, pav baaji etc. Tamarind, chilli powder, curds, onions, tomatoes and sev  are the key ingredients of these chats famously known as street food.


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