Top 3 Cultural Architecture in Delhi, India

Top 3 Cultural Architecture in Delhi, India

Connaught Place – A Glimpse of Delhi City


Connaught Place – A Glimpse of Delhi City

Description: A drive to Delhi is incomplete without Cannaught place. The real beauty of the place explained here.

Connaught Place is situated in Delhi, India. This is one of most famous place in India. This place is pride of Delhi. It is one of the most gathering places. The official name of Connaught place is Rajiv Chowk. This is the centre of financial, commercial and business activities. Its structure is counted among the top heritage place (buildings).Connaught place is actually developed for showcase of business centre by British Empire and that’s why it is so much beautiful. Connaught place took almost four years to complete, it was started from 1929 and completed in 1933. Connaught place inner circle renamed to Rajiv Chowk while outer circle was renamed as Indira Chowk. It is also known as famous shopping centre in Delhi. Availability of all kind of products and its beautiful surroundings give unique experience to customers and visitors. Connaught Place is frequently referred as CP.  It is also the attraction of tourists.

It is very near to Rajpath, around them there are houses of Indian rulers and they frequently came here for shopping. The first cinema centre of Connaught place was Regal cinema. It is recently opened and host popular concerts, ballet performers and theatre groups. After Regal, the Odeon and Rivoli followed them and in the 1938 India talkie house were opened.

Today you can easily find Connaught place on Google map. Every person that belongs from Delhi knows it path-you can ask any of them and they will show you right path. It is recognized as a big circle in the center with roads in all directions. There are eight roads comes out from inner circle of CP. And from outer rings total twelve roads come out .The outer circle is now officially known as Idira Chowk. This place was constructed logically and with pre-plan structure. Overall Connaught place is centre of attraction for customers, visitors and tourists.


India Gate – A not to be missed architecture of India


India Gate

Description: Explore the historical side of India Gate and the facts before you travel to Delhi. Read the information here.

India Gate is the monument which is known for everyone. This monument is situated in the mid of the New Delhi. Its height is about 42m high. It is also considered as the “Arc-de-Triomphe” kind of archway which is in the centre of the crossroad. India Gate is very similar to the French counterpart; it honors the seventy thousand Indian defense force who lost their by fighting with the British soldiers at the time of World War I.

The establishing stone of India Gate was put down by His Royal Highness, the Duke of Connaught in 1921. The architect or design of the India Gate was developed by Edwin Lutyens. This monument has been dedicated to the nation after 10 years by the Viceroy, Lord Irwin. When India got independence then there is the addition of Amar Jawan Jyoti, was implemented, which is being flame day and night under the arch, just to remind the nation about the soldiers who laid their life in the War to bring independence for their country India.

Every year people from all around the world visit this place. In the evening time you will see a huge crowd. There are many people who visit this place because they found peace and comfort here, which helps them to forget all the worries and tensions of life. During the nightfall the surroundings of India Gate appears to be very attractive. The beauty of this place enhanced when the colorful fountains get started. You can also go for a boat ride which is being started from some year before, because of this boat ride this place is liked by most of the children.

Lotus Temple – The floral beauty of India


Lotus Temple – The floral beauty of India

Description: The must to see sight beauty of India is Lotus Temple. See how the floral beauty of India engages the visitors of Delhi.

Lotus temple is also well known as Bahai Temple or Bahai house of worship. It is among one of the essential landmark in the city of Delhi. This temple is constructed in the shape of a large white lotus flower. This beautiful temple is surrounded by people from all other religions which is the significance of true equality and openness which is being promoted by the Bahai laws. Every year people from different places come here to visit this place. You will feel a different kind of peace which will remove all your worries. The people from all the religions are allowed to go through their prayers and all but it is strictly prohibited to play any kind of musical instrument, or hold religious ceremonies, or give sermons inside the hall.

In the main area of the lotus temple people are also not allowed to make any kind of sound. This is the significance of the true nature of the religion Buddhist, which laid emphasis on meditation so that the divinity can experience in a better and excellent way. The surrounding of lotus temple is very soothing, as there are different kinds of plants and flowers have been planted. In the evening the beauty of this place gets enhanced with the help of the soothing music. So you can also visit this place to remove all your worries and tension.

The flower of this temple is the true significance of purity and peace, and a representation of manifestation of God to the citizen of India. The lotus temple was built in the year 1980-1981, on the top of the Kalkaji hills in South Delhi. The temple is completely built with white marbles, which attract the attention of thousands of people. People from the different places come to visit Lotus Temple every year.

Globetrouper offers these top 3 most cultural architecture Connaught Place, India Gate, and Lotus Temple, etc. in India. These are the best destinations and cultural architecture in Delhi city, India.

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